Axel Büttner's Home Page
Axel Büttner and Old German Soldier, Sterling Castle Scotland, June 1999
I was born in a capital city of south germany, but my parents soon gave up the "dark
forest" for the "german silicon" near Böblingen. So I grew up with my brother in the midst
of the technical revolution and in its heart. Studies Informatik/BWL in Stuttgart, presently
I live near Frankfurt/Main. Add to the facts this homepage is really build.
My Interests
I guess that the best and fastest way to really get to know someone,
is by discovering what he/she likes. So here goes . . .
I love to make sports, brainstorming and the other nice things of our live.
take a look first friendship family strong computer fi&fun men technology
speed dinner sound dimensions hats ski light ct wide familysite
My Personal Records
This isn't a retrospective of my life to date, a mere 34 years, as well as my
own narration together with the real pictures of my life.
Another way to get to know someone, is to learn their favorite
internet sites - but they are too many, to list them here.
If you want, send me e-mail to: mailtoaxel

An der Spitze stehen, ist immer noch zu weit hinten
This page was built on 1997 / last updated on 1999.
Es heißt, es gibt keine Probleme, aber wo wir sind, gibt es immer welche